On April 27, Justice Indu Malhotra took oath as a judge of the Supreme Court. In 68 years, she is only the seventh woman to ever take up that role, which makes this a historic moment. Not only that, she is also in the news for being the first woman advocate to be directly elevated to the Supreme Court from the Bar.

Before being appointed at her current designation, she was practising in the same court for the past 30 years as a senior advocate. This too was a feat that only one woman before her had achieved. Indu specialed in the law of arbitration and has settled various domestic and international, commercial arbitrations.  In December 2016, she was made a member of the High-Level Committee (HLC) in the Ministry of Law and Justice by the Government of India to review Institutionalization of Arbitration Mechanism in India.

In the course of her long career, Justice Malhotra has taken up many cases that pertain to the public interest. One such notable case was that of the implementation of the Good Samaritan law in India. The law was to ensure the protection of bystanders and others who assist in road accidents. She also filed a petition to frame sentencing guidelines in rape cases and discrimination against women artists in the film industry.

With everything that is going on in the country at this moment, this move is like a breath of fresh air. Justice Indu Malhotra is not only an inspiration to many women, she is also an advocate for everything that needs to change in this country and we wish her the very best!

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(Information credit:- Feminisminindia.com)