Earlier today we told you Amitabh Bachchan ain’t afraid to use some social media to interact with his colleagues. But guess what? Big B ain’t afraid to use it to take a few digs at the social media platform itself.

Apparently, Sr. Bachchan has been facing some trouble with Twitter for quite some time now and he isn’t someone who keeps quiet about it. The legend has reportedly been losing his follower count on Twitter for some reason and he’s not happy. Earlier this year, he had threatened to quit Twitter accusing the social media platform of reducing his followers from 33 million to 32.9 million which spurred a team from Twitter to immediately meet the actor to sort things out.

We’re guessing things didn’t get sorted because Big B didn’t stop there. He sent out another sarcastic tweet.

“THANK YOU TWITTER .. for your continued honest, transparent, absolutely unbiased, non preferential, fair, justified rendering of followers on platform .. I mean, really .. you are epitome of the sincerest truth !! GOD BLESS YOU , & may you continue to fashion us thus !”

Reportedly after losing almost 20,000 in a day, Big B had even written a poem about it.

And here’s what he had to say today.

Looks like Sr.Bachchan has just had it with the social media platform. We’ll have to wait and see whether the issue will finally be sorted!