Kapil Sharma Seeks Rs. 100 Crore From Journalist Vickey Lalwani For Allegedly Defaming Him

Priyanka Parmar , 03 May 2018
Kapil Sharma Vickey Lalwani

Kapil Sharma and film journalist Vickey Lalwani‘s untasteful spat spread across social media after the latter published a recorded conversation on the entertainment portal he works for. The actor blamed Vickey for allegedly defaming him publicly by writing damaging articles to malign his name. Kapil even filed a complaint against him after that and shared pictures of it on Twitter.

According to the legal notice, the editor has been allegedly publishing negative stories about Sharma for the past year and the actor’s former associates had been helping him in doing so. The notice mentions:

My client states that you have in close nexus with his earlier managers/associates Ms. Neeti and Ms. Preeti Simoes and have maliciously and in collusion and connivance with them and also in furtherance of a common intention to defame and tarnish the reputation of my client.

It also reads:

…This information was spread with a design to defame my client and malign his image in the eyes of his fans, industry and public at large.

The comedian demanded that the journalist give him an “unconditional public apology” within seven days of receiving the notice and if he failed to do so he’d be liable to deposit Rs. 100 crores in the National Defence Fund. Reports suggest that Lalwani hasn’t received the notice yet.

Kapil’s new show Family Time with Kapil Sharma has also gone off air amidst the debacle as the actor requires some personal time to deal with his health issues and get better.

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