As the temperature rises, we slowly by surely most definitely begin to wonder why we let our hair get so long over spring break. The humid and hot climate does us no good, so do we just get that summer chop and end it there? Nope! You don’t have to lop off your length to make a change, you just take what yo mama gave you and turn it around!

Changing your look with these easy and simple hairstyles will not only keep you cool during the heat wave, but it’ll do just the trick if you want to sport a new ‘do…

1. Top knots with colourful scrunchies

2.Hidden hair tuck pins

3. Old school milkmaid braids

4. Circular hair pins

5. Twisted space buns

6. Half bubble ponytail

7. ’70s velvet ponytail bow

Which hairstyle will you try next?

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