CAUTION: Photos embed here are more exposed than they appear.

For all those who wonder what Kim Kardashian West‘ would look like as a statue, you now have your answer…

… Well, kind of. Kim’s new KKW Body fragrance may have just launched, but we’ve been talking about it for over a week now!

Last week, when Mrs West posted the “finished product” of her new fragrance on Instagram, we knew it wasn’t going to be ordinary. In fact, it was exactly as she had promised—An actual figure of her body! Just like a statue mounted on a pedestal in a museum, Kim introduced the world to her new summer fragrance.

And if you think the bottle shape is intriguing, wait till you see how it came to be made. Scroll down to see the tactfully placed hands and edited blurs, shall we?

First, Kim lay in all glory in her birthday suit…

Then came the mold from which the bottle’s shape was built around…

And finally came the birth of #KKWBODY

Now that’s how you make a fragrance. Take note Jo Malone… Just kidding, please don’t!

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