Everyone has their own set of pet peeves that they deal with on a daily basis. Some are legit while others are just ridiculous. Today, we’ve got you a list of things people do that’ll annoy the daylights out of you. Here are these annoying things:

1. Cracking Knuckles

It’s so annoying when someone constantly cracks their knuckles. That sound of air bubbles in the bones popping is so irritating to hear for the other person.

2. Tell You To Repeat The Whole Story Again

Once you’ve finished telling a long story, there’s always this one person who’ll tell you to repeat the entire story because he wasn’t paying attention.

3. Tapping Their Nails On The Table

Don’t you want to kill the person who keeps tapping their nails on a table? Sometimes, they even compose a little song while doing it.

4. Name Dropping

The one who shows off is the worst. He will make sure he tells you all the famous people he knows and hangs out with. And you’re just sitting there nodding, killing this person slowly in your mind.

5. Inside Jokes

A group of people discussing an internal joke that only they get. Why can’t they go somewhere else and giggle away?

6. Refusing To Pay For Dinner

That person who always runs to the washroom every time the bill arrives. Or say they’ll pay you, but never do it.

7. Shaking Their Legs

The people who shake their leg with anxiety is so distracting. You’re here to finish off some work, but all you can think about is how to tell this person to stop doing that.

8. Extremely Jumpy People

It’s Monday for crying out loud. We can barely get over the weekend yet, and these guys are enthusiastic to take on the week. Pffff!

9. Pen clicking

These people shouldn’t be given the pens that make a clicking sound. They’ll keep clicking the pen constantly, long enough to make you forget what you were doing.

10. Responding Only With Sarcasm

There are people in this world who think they’re super funny and entertaining. When you ask them a straight question, they only reply with sarcastic comments all the time!

These people don’t realise how annoying they are. Sometimes, they don’t even realise after they’re told how annoying it is. We totally understand the frustration if you have to deal with this on a daily basis. All you can do is pray they stop or meditate for peace of mind.

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