There’s something about Deadpool all of us love, it may be his sense of humour or devil may care attitude. So when the trailer of Deadpool 2 dropped on the internet a few weeks ago, it was already known that this baddie on the block (we are still figuring if he really is one) is going to garner all the praise and love yet again. While we were still getting over that mother-freaking trailer, the Hindi trailer of the film released yesterday and totally blew our mind. Most of us loved Ranveer Singh’s voice behind that red mask. And for those of you all who are still skeptical with the Befikre actor mouthing those cuss-words, here are five reasons why we think nobody could’ve voiced this red devil better.

On Point Humour

While we love the sense of humour Iron Man and Dr. Strange possess, Deadpool beats them all.  He makes everything sound funny and guess who does the exact same in Bollywood; it has to be Mr. Singh. From his red carpet interview on Koffee With Karan, Ranveer totally knows how to tickle our funny bones.

Honesty Is The Key

Deadpool is brutally honest. That red guy never lies and doesn’t give much damn about what you think about him, he carries his heart on his sleeves and Ranveer does the exact same. Plus, he never shies away to speak his mind.

Hello Ladies!

Ladies love Ranveer as much as they swoon over Deadpool. Both the dudes are a treat to the sore eyes and manage to win everyone’s hearts every time they appear – just like a ray of sunlight on a rainy day.

Edgy All The Way

There are trendsetters and then there are those who follow their footsteps. Both Ranveer and Deadpool belong to the former group. Right from the way they deal with things and their surroundings to their approach in fashion (When Deadpool is Wade Winston Wilson), these men totally know how to make those heads turn with their swag.

Break Those Effin Barriers

If you look at the kind of paths both Ranveer and Deadpool follow, you’ll agree that they don’t really take the tried and tested way. The choice of films and roles the former has taken to carve a niche for him is worth taking a note of. The latter on the other hand, doesn’t fall in the typical superheroes bracket. But he still has all the love and even more respect (than Star-Lord) from all of us. You may love them or hate them, but you just can’t ignore them.

While we were completely sold on the idea of Ranveer’s voice for Deadpool, we want to know what you folks think.

On that note all we would like to say is…