7 Photos Of Karan Tacker That'll Give You Some Serious Travel Goals

Pallavi Manoj , 11 May 2018
Karan Tacker in Doha
Karan Tacker in Doha

While we are always game to swoon over TV hottie Karan Tackerthis one’s a special gush session on how talented and perfect he is. After all, it’s the heartthrob’s birthday today! Because even Karan could use an ego boost. While his Instagram is always a treat for your eyes, we caught up with him to talk to him about his love for travel and looks like he’s a seasoned traveler.

He only had the best things about his recent trip to Doha.

The contrast of the new town to old Doha is beautiful. I must admit I like the older side of the city more as it holds so much history and still feels like its set in an older time. The stroll in Souk Waquif was beautiful, the markets, the spices shops, local Oudhs, Arabic coffee, Arabic mint tea! The whole market smells of a mixture of these!

Souk-Ing around! ??☕️?

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He’s definitely not one of those tourists that follows a guide, he’s the one to make the plans.

I am always prepared for what I want to do once I get to the city. I do my research, book things in advance, and then play it by the ear once I get there. I don’t like making it too hectic because for me it’s not how many things have I see or have covered on my list. It’s more of how much I enjoyed and what experiences I’ll take back with me. Every travel has added to my personality.

New places , new thoughts.. ✨

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Passport, phone, and his shoes are pretty much the only thing Karan needs to travel!

I can’t do without good shoes because I walk a lot and I like to explore cities by foot.

Qat-Arches !!! ?

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Karan told us he’s a super excited traveler and looking at these pictures we have to agree!


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While this picture may give you a very Dhoom theme song vibe, Karan is all about mood music.

I don’t like an overbearing vibe on my travel, it’s my zen space. So I like soothing alternative tracks.

☀️ + ? + ? =?

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But he did give his fans some solid travel advice.

Be safe! Keep all your senses alive and working. Never be too intoxicated on a solo trip and of course, explore it by foot! That’s how you do what locals do, not typical touristy sites.

Karan also revealed he’s just started traveling and he’d love to travel the entire world. For all we know, we may see him sipping a glass of wine with olives and cheese at the French Riviera in his next set of vacay photos! Now wouldn’t you love that?

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