This weekend is a special one for me—I’m go to be getting my 7th tattoo. For those of you who don’t know me, if you’re picturing a 5’1 one beauty writer with huge-ass tattoos on her arms and back, think again. For me, size is key (lololol). And the tinier the tattoo, the more body space for others, right?

Off late, there have been a bevy of tattoo handles that have popped up on my Instagram feed showcasing small, intricate and minimal designs. There’s a certain kind of charm and beauty to those kind of tattoos, don’t you think? Varying in colour, shape, size and placement, these are perfect for someone who wants to get inked in the most minimalistic and simple way. So scroll down below and get inspired before you make your appointment!

P.S: I’ve gone through all of them to find my inspiration.

1. @jonboytattoo

2. @bangbangnyc

3. @_dr_woo_

4. @soyoontattoo

5. @mnsantanatattoo

6. @ann_pokes

7. @tattooist_flower

8. @winter_stone

9. @hoa_eternity

Are you inspired yet? Let us know which tattoo you love the most in the comments below.

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