This App Reveals The Toxic Ingredients That Are In Your Favourite Beauty Products

Natasha Patel , 11 May 2018

#Repost @wynneelder ・・・ It's about to be #naturalbeautymonth over on @wynnesessentials ? and I'm in full on research mode. Was up wayyy too late on and today on this "think dirty" app. Don't be fooled by the name, it rates your products on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the "dirtiest") to help you buy clean. You can scan the barcode and also search for products (it's addicting) and if it's dirty it will tell you similar products that are clean + even has a link to them on Amazon! WARNING: this will wreck your world. @jselder and I keep saying #everythingweknowisalie. Not that we are dramatic or anything. Hey, knowledge is power. Educate yourself! Download the app and come over to @wynnesessentials in March for what products we are discovering. #myworldiscrashingdown #buyclean ps/ this is how I felt when my eyes were opened to the power of our purchases with clothing/accessories and that turned out alright ❤️

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how many of you purchase products online or in a store without reading the label or ingredients? Hmm, we assume there are about more than a few hands raised right now… If like the most of us, you’re a beauty junkie who loves to slather on that new scented moisturiser, or put on the trendy, hyped-about face mask, only to peel it off minutes later for your satisfaction, then you’ve got a whole curve ball coming your way. Did you ever stop to wonder that there could be harmful toxins in those ingredients that can hinder and hurt your skin?

What is Think Dirty about?

With a motive to understand the truth of the beauty industry, Think Dirty was founded by Lily Tse to really helps one learn about the potential hazards of product ingredients.

What’s amazing about the app?

  • It lists down the ingredients in the product.
  • Compares them to other brands.
  • Suggests safer products from the same genre.

#Repost @makingmandie ・・・ We hit a milestone in this house and it's one I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for ?. My oldest hit the stage of needing some deodorant, yup. (Insert mom scared and disbelief face). How on earth did she grow up so stinkin' fast?!?! *sigh* I digress. Anyways, as you may know if you have been following for a bit is that we do not do chemicals in this house, especially in personal products. The skin is our biggest organ and we need to treat it with care since it absorbs so much. Having MTHFR means our detox rates are much lower and therefore need to be vigilant. I love the @thinkdirty app for this reason! I can search or scan products right in the store to see how clean or toxic they are. I have tried many clean deodorants and my husband and I both like @schmidtsnaturals . Fragrance-free for me and Charcoal+Magnesium for him. Miss M decided Bergamot+Lime was her jam so we are 3 for 4 in this family as schmidt's fans! . #thinkdirty #schmidtsdeodorant #schmidts #mthfr #mthfrawareness #detoxify #healthyliving

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Here’s how you use it:

So, will you be thinking dirty? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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