At Team MissMalini we firmly believe that mothers should be celebrated every day. They give us life and from that moment on, we’re lucky to have and experience a love that is so unconditional, it cannot be compared to any other. So, on the occasion of Mother’s Day this year, we have asked some of the mommy bloggers we know to write us a few thought pieces From Mommy’s Eyes. Kejal Teckchandani of Being Momma shared her thoughts on why working mothers should rid themselves of guilt.

Millennial mothers have a tonne to manage; doing the very best for their children, household responsibilities, social obligations and for many their careers. And we are doing a fantastic job! However, the one thing that they reel under the pressure of all the time is guilt. Guilt over the fact that they are not spending enough time with their kids; guilt because they spend a sizeable amount of time at the office; guilt because they are not doing what other moms are apparently doing for their kids and so on…

However, we often forget that every single mom is doing her very best. She is not going to leave any stone unturned when it comes to her children. Everyone has different capabilities and different situations. So stop being guilty.

When you do your bit happily and with pride impact on them is unmatched. One hour of quality, uninterrupted time with your children is far more than physically being around them all the time or taking them to many places. And when you can’t even spend that one hour, its fine. Your kids understand more than you can ever imagine. Truthfully explain your kids your actions without being guilty and you will be amazed at their understanding capabilities.

The key is to enjoy every moment of this wonderful journey being the person you are. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, if that betters your journey and definitely do not be afraid of being judged.  So many times, we put ourselves to blame for the actions of our children or if they are not learning they way some other child is doing, forgetting that every child is different only that mom will know what is best for him or her.

As a working mother of two little girls, I have gone through this phase of guilt several times but with the advice of some lovely wise people, threw my guilt out of the window and the fun of parenting is now supreme! Go for it moms!