At Team MissMalini we firmly believe that mothers should be celebrated every day. They give us life and from that moment on, we’re lucky to have and experience a love that is so unconditional, it cannot be compared to any other. So, on the occasion of Mother’s Day this year, we have asked some of the mommy bloggers we know to write us a few thought pieces From Mommy’s Eyes. Mansi Zaveri of KidsStopPress talks about the essentials that every geek chic mom needs in her life.

Well if you really ask me what I want for Mother’s Day it would really be more time. Yes, I definitely feel 24 hours is too little. That could be given I am a woman, wife, mom and boss (yes in that order) Being an entrepreneur to a digital parenting platform like, raising two daughters, aged 9 and 5, as well as being a yoga and health food junkie is a time-consuming process.

Randi Zuckerberg once said that you can have only 3 out of these 5 things listed below and the sacrifice of the two will help you prioritise your top 3. So you choose between sleep, work, family, friends, health & fitness. I’m guessing you are already thinking which 3 are most important for you.

But the truth is you will have only 24 hours and even that is a struggle. So, how does being a geek chic mom help you stay ahead of the curve and work more efficiently across the multiple roles that I play. The underlying rule in the rule book has to be—invest in technology.

Invest in a smartwatch

You wonder why? Because you often lose track of time and yourself. This will constantly remind you the next thing on your list, whether it be work, kids, groceries, bill payments, visa appointments etc. and buzz you when done. It reminds you that ‘you’ are important. So you will be inspired each day to spend 30 minutes for yourself to close out your workout ring. Happy women make better moms. I am beyond obsessed with my Apple Watch Series.

Download smart apps such as these

Toshl, Spending Tracker for finances; It’s always important to keep a close tab on numbers and finances. Evernote for all important documents such as passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, pan cards, recipes of your favourite dishes. Any document that is recurring in nature

Listen if you can’t read

Well, I find it so hard to read while I’m at home given that I’m reading Harry Potter and Ruskin Bond at home to my kids, so I’ve started listening to a lot of books on Audible and listening to a lot of podcasts to a lot of industry news and learnings from leaders. My personal favourite is the Overcast app. Invest in wireless headphones like the AirPods if you see yourself taking to this tip. It will only help

Calendars & To-dos

It might sound a little crazy but I have everything from eating a meal to my kids’ classes to a doctor’s appointment, to work meetings, events, travel dates everything on my calendar. Step 1 share your calendar with your partner so guys know each other’s plans and they don’t overlap. Schedule time for social media too. Else before you know you’ve spent hours browsing images. Step 2 is to document everything or use google assistant to do that. Calendar apps I would recommend would be Fantastical or Google Calendar.