5 Essential Things To Remember Before Setting A Goal

Atmaj Vyas , 14 May 2018

All of us have dreams and aspirations. We want to get somewhere and accomplish something that we can be proud of. In order to reach these benchmarks, we set goals for ourselves. Setting a goal for yourself is actually a pretty important process. It’s about finding that balance and setting goals that you can actually achieve. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re setting a goal for yourself.

1. Think About The Big Picture

When setting goals, it’s important to ask yourself some serious questions about what you want from life. The answers can be as simple as wanting to be happy or even wanting to help people. Once you start thinking about the big picture, all the things that really matter to you start becoming more clear. These things are what you value most and will act as a guide when you’re making decisions. It’s important to remember that when we use the word big picture, it refers to an ultimate goal. It’s a place you’d like to see yourself maybe ten or fifteen years down the line.

2. Create Smaller, More Achievable Goals

Once you have a clear idea about the bigger picture, it is important to break it down into smaller, more achievable goals. Think of these are milestones that you aim to achieve in the near future as compared to something ten years down the line. These smaller goals help you gain a sense of the direction you’re headed in. Also, when you achieve these smaller goals, there is a great sense of pride that sets in, which also helps you move forward and keep chasing after what you want.

3. Set Your Priorities

At any given moment, you have a number of goals all in different states of completion. Deciding which goals are more important, or time-sensitive, than others is crucial. It is vital that you consider and understand the extent of each opportunity before you commit to it. Your prioritisation will always decide how you go about achieving your goals. So be clear when making decisions.

4. Always Track Your Progress

Always keep a track of how you’re doing. It’s good to keep something tangible to act as a tracker of your progress. It could even be something as simple as a journal that documents your milestones, both personal and professional. It’s good to keep checking in with yourself and introspecting to track your progress. It acts as a great way to motivate yourself.

5. Set Adequate Rewards For Every Accomplishment

A major part of setting short-term goals is the fact that you get to reward yourself each time you accomplish something. It is essential to celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments because it helps to put your mind at ease. It gives you a sense of moving in the right direction and instils the thought of progress.

What is the one thing you consider essential every time you set a goal? Let us know in the comments below.

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