10 Restaurants That Prove That Sometimes Mocktails Are The Need Of The Hour

Karishma Govil , 15 May 2018
Mocktails (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Mocktails (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Planning to detox from alcohol? Summer is the perfect time to do it. As everyone knows, alcohol contains a lot of calories. It not only aids in weight gain but also gives you that bloaty feeling the next day. Not to mention that disgusting hangover the next day. This season, give your body a break with some refreshing mocktails instead. Here are a few restaurants that serve the yummiest mocktails in Mumbai.

1. Madras Diaries, Bandra

MM Recommends: Kokum Cooler
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹550 ++

2. Candies, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Pink Lemonade
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹700 ++

3. Quattro Ristorante, Lower Parel

MM Recommends: Ginger And Watermelon Virgin Mojito
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,800 ++

4. 1 BHK – Brew House Kitchen, Oshiwara

MM Recommends: Aam Panna
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,000 ++

5. Chili’s, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Tropical Sunrise
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,800 ++

6. Vedge, Andheri

MM Recommends: Spicy Guava Delight
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,000 ++

7. Bombay Adda, Santacruz

MM Recommends: Heaven’s Door
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,800 ++

8. Genuine Broaster Chicken, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Chulbul Soda
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹800 ++

9. GOT – Gospel Of Taste, Bandra

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MM Recommends: Mother Of Dragons
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹300 ++

10. Trench Restro Lounge By The Chocolate Room, Bandra

MM Recommends: Granita
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹800 ++

It’s time to give your body a break from alcohol and switch to these refreshing mocktails instead. Tell us your favourite in the comments below.

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