Many people prefer living in the shadows of another person. But not you! You just a star aren’t you? You make your own path and set your own rules. You’re fashionable and you’re extremely confident of who you are. If you’re nodding in agreement right about now, chances are, you’re a diva. Here are a few signs to help you identify that.

1. You Set Your Standards High

You don’t settle. And why should you? You’re a diva and you deserve the best. Which is why it’s hard for you to find a life partner. It’s because you’re super picky.

2. You’re Always Dressed To Kill

Well of course. Wherever you are, and whatever you do, you’re dressed perfectly.

3. You’re A Natural

You don’t need to work on yourself, you’re already such a beauty.

4. Not Many Women Like You

It’s tough for you to make a lot of girl-friends. It’s because no one wants to live a life of a sidekick. Also, many women are jealous of you.

5. You’re High Maintenance And You Like It

Somethings must be done in a certain way. And that’s okay, someday you’ll find your tribe and people will understand your point of view.

6. You Don’t Care About What People Think Of You

Haters gonna hate, bruh! Honestly, who gives a damn?

7. You’re A Heartthrob

You have men fluttering around you, all the time. You’re surrounded by stalkers and fans.

8. You Have A Specific Angle For Your Selfies

There’s a good angle and then there’s a ‘sexy jawline’ angle. That’s the only side you pose with.

9. You Have A Million Selfies In Your Phone

Because self-love is real love. You love yourself and there’s no reason not to.

10. Lipstick And Eye-Liner Is Basic And Not Considered As Makeup

That’s just basic. This isn’t considered as makeup at all. Real makeup actually takes a good amount of time.

So if you can relate to this, you’re probably a diva. Not many people understand you and that’s okay. All you want to do is shine like a diamond!

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