By now, we’re pretty sure everyone has watched Infinity War. If you were still struggling to get over that ending, Deadpool 2 is the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s bold, hilarious and as unapologetic as ever. Without any spoilers, let’s dive into the review. #NoSpoilersMuchWow

1. The Pace

Deadpool 2 moves along just fine. It doesn’t really have dots that need joining, so it’s free to immerse you in its savagery. At times, especially at the end, it does start feeling a bit meh and like it’s dragging but that quick wit and well-timed humour comes to the rescue once again. It’s fair to say that with this movie, there is never a dull moment and if you want to catch every reference and jibe, you need to stay on your toes.

2. Humour

With a movie like this, expectations are pretty high. While the first part was something everyone considered comedy gold (crass but still hilarious), the second part is no slouch either. Sure there is a lot of crass humour and a whole bunch of innuendos but what stands out the most is the jibes. Deadpool 2 has some of the best one-liners that directly make fun of other movies and it does so unapologetically. There are parts where it actually roasts itself and that is the beauty of Deadpool. It suffices to say that we got everything we were promised. Well, in the humour department at least.

3. Action

Back in the first part, when they told us Cable was going to be in the sequel, it got us pretty hyped. For anyone that reads the comics, Cable is a guy that is capable of a lot of destruction. He is pretty strong and arguably an omega-level mutant. The Deadpool 2 version… well let’s just say he has his moments and then he doesn’t. It’s not like the movie lacks in the action sequences but it could be a little more. Well, more of Cable at least.

4. The Bad Guy(s)

Well, to say this without spoiling the entire plot is pretty tough. So, we’ll leave you with this – The bad guy(s) aren’t bad. Someone is a baddie but it’s not who you expect. To vague? Well, in that regard, the movie does keep you on your toes. It’s not completely unexpected but it has its moments.

5. Expectations Vs. Reality

After the success of Deadpool, the second part had a lot to live up to. Did it deliver? Hell yeah! Ryan Reynolds has the perfect timing and his quick wit clearly shows. He is truly the embodiment of Deadpool. Even all the others have a part to play and are just as funny. That being said, throughout the movie, you’re left wanting a little more. A little more absurd and a little more in your face. It’s almost if they held back a little.

6. End Credits

Hands down, best end credits ever. Usually, you expect a spoiler or a hint for something that is yet to come but with Deadpool 2, it’s just f**king hilarious. Literally, it ‘cleaned up the timeline’ and we honestly hope there is no more cleaning needed.

7. Our Verdict

Deadpool 2 delivers on all its promises. It’s hilarious, filled with moments that make the movie what it is and has a brilliant cast. Were we jumping out of our seats? Not really. Did we laugh our asses off? Hell yeah. Then again, that is what Deadpool brings to the table. By every means possible, this movie is definitely superior to the first part. It’s the perfect sequel to a movie that we’ve all come to love. Every reference and jab it takes at other movies are things we live for. It’s kind of petty but you just want more and more of it. They could have done more or given us more in terms of the action. It could have been a little more over the top, but honestly, that’s just us nitpicking.

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