Alia Bhatt has impressed us all with her stellar performances on the silver screen and is often seen casually handing out #fashiongoals too, like a boss. The actress has also done some philanthropic work towards animal welfare and is now set to expand her social work with her new initiative, ‘Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe’ in simpler words, my wardrobe is your wardrobe, to share handpicked garments from her personal closet, for charity. Sounds like an exciting way to do something good, no?

Speaking about the initiative Alia said:

Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe is a chance for people to pick an outfit or two from my closet and support a good cause at the same time. There are many wonderful organisations in India that require financial aid to continue making a positive and sustainable impact. Together, we can take a small step towards helping some of them with this initiative. Because every little step matters.

Here’s how it works:

When you purchase products with the ‘Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe’ tag – not only will you have a great, new (okay, old) addition to your closet, but the entire amount from your purchase will go to charity. It’s old clothes but it’s a new idea.

When asked what kind of clothes would one find in her wardrobe, she said:

For everyday wear I prefer clothes that are comfortable yet stylish. I’m not overly brand conscious, so while you’ll find some designer garments, there’ll also be a lot of comfort clothing.

Alia even shared a picture on Instagram, inviting her fans to join in:

With this initiative, the actress continues to build on her work in the space of ecology and animal welfare. She has successfully created a platform called, Coexist, which works towards creating awareness around ecological issues.

You go, girl!