Raazi And Nine Other Films That Amul Has Given Its Nod Of Approval To

Raazi And Nine Other Films That Amul Has Given Its Nod Of Approval To

Pallavi Manoj
Alia Bhatt Raazi Poster
Alia Bhatt in the Raazi Poster

When it comes to what we call the ‘Baap’ of Indian print ads, there’s no one better in the business than Amul. From Aishwarya Rai‘s purple lipstick at Cannes last year to India’s current political scenario, the brand never shies away from showcasing anything trending using the most fitting puns ever. In recent news, Alia Bhatt‘s Raazi is what’s caught  Amul‘s attention and they made it known and how! As you can imagine Alia was just as excited as we were when the brand applauded the movie in their latest print ad.

Check it out.

So cool right? Alia even shared it on her Instagram stories and wrote, ‘The Amul Validation’

But Raazi isn’t the only film to get the Amul seal of approval.

For your sheer entertainment and awareness here are 10 more such ads that’ll put a smile on your face.

Grab your bread and butter, y’all and here we go!

Baahubali’s Bahut Bada success was celebrated with a pun.

Tanu Weds Manu: Returns turned bigger and butter!

Bared, Buttered and slightly roasted is how we like our ads too!

When Amul asked us all the right kind of questions.

Milk+ Maska = Milkha, right?

Fight for the butter, they told us.

Butter for your better Jawaani wala message.

Sabka Butter lega tera Faizal. And we’d join him too!

Piku, papa aur hum sab butter ke fans hai.

Piku Amul Print Ad
Piku Amul Print Ad

All these brilliant ads aside, Alia’s Raazi is winning hearts across the nation by the hour. Congratulations to Team Raazi for the success of the film!