Mumbai has some really good places to eat, don’t you think? Some places in the city have certain specialities too. So, today we’re going to list down some of the best places to eat in Chembur. This area is full of different cuisines, each got its own speciality. So let’s get right to places you need to visit in what they called “A Foodie’s Paradise”, right here in Mumbai. Here they are:

1. Bhatt, Chembur Naka

MM Recommends: Missal Pav

2. Le Cafe, Chembur Station

MM Recommends: Pizza Primo

3. Grand Central, Chembur Station

MM Recommends: Butter Chicken & Kebabs

4. Vig Refreshments, Sindhi Camp

MM Recommends: Dal Pakwan And Sindhi Pattice

5. Sai Nath Kulche Wala, Sindhi Camp

MM Recommends: Cheese Aloo Kulchas

6. Ranjeet Da Dhaba, Sindhi Camp

MM Recommends: Tandoori Chicken

7. Lamba, Diamond Garden

MM Recommends: Tandoori Prawns

8. Grilled House, Near Chembur Gym Khana

MM Recommends: Chicken Sukha and Chicken Dilkhush Kebab

9. Sunny Hotel, Chembur Station East

MM Recommends: Chicken Thali

10. Jhaama Sweets, Sindhi Camp

MM Recommends: Gulab Jamun

These joints are so darn good, you might consider moving to Chembur just so you can indulge in foodgasms every single day. So, if you haven’t tried these already, we highly recommend you to try each and every one of these places right away. You may regret it if you won’t.

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