Sumeet Vyas | Source: Instagram |
Sumeet Vyas | Source: Instagram |

Indian films are evolving now. With the new era of Bollywood films setting in, filmmakers are now experimenting with the stories that initially wouldn’t make it to the 70mm. Filmmaker Akarsh Khurana’s next High Jack deals with the crew on a plane getting high on a fictional drug. The film which stars Sumeet Vyas, Sonnalli Seygall, and Mantra is up for release and just before we catch the glimpse of what the star cast gets high on in the flick, we thought of asking Sumeet about his experience off-screen.

While he’s starring in a film that deals with drugs and its effects, ask him if he has ever tried stuff and he replies,

I tried it once and it didn’t suit me. I get really freaked out by this. So I have become more of a whiskey person.

He further adds that there is a lot of stuff out there he doesn’t know about.

I don’t know the difference between weed and hash. I don’t know what acid is. I always thought it was a liquid that you drink. Then there is cocaine the rock star. Then there are magic mushrooms.  I’ve tried them once.

Ask him to describe his experience and he says,

I tried it when I was in Goa. I had it and went kayaking with my friend a bit too far. After a while, he said, “Are we close to Dubai?” I replied saying, “I don’t think we can Kayak our way to Dubai, but we may be close to Kerela now.” Then we saw some lifeguards who kept waving to us and we kept waving to them. Then they said, “Get the fuck out of here, it’s getting dark.” I just had little of it and thus by morning, the effect had gone. The entire time I was in a good mood. I don’t think they should be tried in the outdoors because if those guards wouldn’t have come we would have gone too far. Hamara Cast Away ho jaata.

Did he ever have a bad trip (BT) and he explains,

I once had bhang, in Jabalpur. I was there to do a play and there was some bhang available. We didn’t know the quantity it should be consumed in and so consumed more then we should have. There’s a waterfall in Jabalpur called Beda Ghatt, which is supposed to be seen from a distance. But because my friends and I were so high we decided to take a dip. We jumped in it and almost got washed off. Thankfully, we caught hold of some chain like thing and kept hanging on it for half an hour thinking it was cool. In this process, we didn’t realize that our backs were completely peeled off by stones. It took close to a month to heel it.

We are hanging out with Sumeet next time!