Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal starrer, Raazi released last Friday and it has been doing rather well at the box-office. There are no masala songs, no OTT action sequences but it is backed by strong content and even stronger actors. That’s why, even though simply told, the movie has managed to create quite the impact earning it acclaim from the audience and critics alike, I included. If you STILL haven’t watched it then check out my review of the film here.

Last evening the Raazi team invited the media to a press conference to celebrate this success. Of course, as he usually is, Karan Johar was at his candid best last night and amidst everything else, he was quoted saying:

You never know who I am really in bed with.

Yep! That obviously caught our attention. Hold your horses people, it is NOT what you think.

Karan and Meghna Gulzar engaged in a light-hearted banter over Karan playing a dual role in the making of the film. Meghna mentioned how he constantly rolled over from her side to the production team’s and the other way around to which KJO made the rather risque comment. Well, whatever he did clearly seems to have worked in the film’s favour.

We absolutely love this ‘let’s get some eyebrows raising’ side of Karan!