There are so many things to do in Mumbai. But what we love the most, is to explore the food this city has to offer. From delicious street food to exquisite luxury fine-dining, this city has it all. Today, we’ve got you a list of restaurants that have such innovative concepts that we recommend you visit soon! Here they are.

1. The Runway Project by PizzaExpress, Lower Parel

From The Project Series, Gourmet Investments Pvt. Ltd. outdid themselves with this fashion-themed restaurant. Every restaurant from this series depends on the area they’re in. For example, since Kurla is famous for its marketplace, The Market Project in Kurla has the essence of a flea market and so on. The Runway Project is fashion-themed because it’s located in a mall. With the creativity of the brilliant Chef Vicky Ratnani, the delish quotient went up a notch at The Project Series.

MM Recommends: The Runway Roast
Approximate Price For Two: ₹2,000 ++

2. Flea Bazaar Café, Lower Parel

We absolutely loved the concept of this place. The theme here is of a marketplace. The spot has over 10 different food stalls permanently fixed in here. From Goila Butter Chicken and Bay Burgers to The Bohri Kitchen, Super Pao and more. Not only do they have the Social bar there, but they also got a stationery shop inside. There’s so much to chose from at this spot, that picking your dinner could be quite tough. Now that’s the kind of struggle we love!

MM Recommends: Goila Butter Chicken & The Bohri Kitchen
Approximate Price For Two: ₹500 ++

3. Typhoon Shelter, Lower Parel

Typhoon Shelter, Lower Parel
Typhoon Shelter, Lower Parel

This restaurant serves traditional typhoon shelter cuisine in an innovative and modern form while staying true to its humble Chinese roots. The concept was inspired by the typhoon shelters in Hong Kong which were manmade covers used by fishermen to shield their boats from typhoons which were very common in the West Pacific Ocean. The food and interiors suggest the same theme.

MM Recommends: Zen
Approximate Price For Two: ₹2,500 ++

4. Mirchi And Mime, Powai

This restaurant’s servers are speech and hearing disabled. The staff here is so friendly and the food is delicious. We love this concept and recommend a visit to this restaurant.

MM Recommends: Tahiri Biryani
Approximate Price For Two: ₹1,500 ++

5. The Daily, Bandra

The Daily as a concept is full of positivity. The ceiling on the restaurant is full of newspaper cut-outs. These cut-outs only consist of “good” news. The owner believes that amidst all the negative and bad news everywhere, they want to highlight all the good stuff happening around the world. They were also the first in Mumbai to start the ‘no plastic straws’ campaign.

MM Recommends: Champagne Mushroom Fricassee
Approximate Price For Two: ₹2,000 ++

6. Hello Guppy, BKC

This place is a Japan-inspired theme bar that we’d like to call funky! It’s colourful and very quirky. In the middle of that funky setup is a beautiful cherry blossom tree. A must-visit for Karaoke nights.

MM Recommends: Raindrop Cake
Approximate Price For Two: ₹1,500 ++

7. Qilaa De Vashi, Vashi

This restaurant has castle-like interiors that match the quality of the food served. The vibe is extremely royal and we love the little details in the architecture.

MM Recommends: Qilaa Fish Tandoori
Approximate Price For Two: ₹1,000 ++

8. The Wine Rack, Lower Parel

All wine, no bull. This place offers over 300 different types of wines across 35 regions in India and the globe. The menu was curated by the talented chef Sarah Todd and it goes perfectly well with the food.

MM Recommends: Crusted Snapper, Chipotle Mayo & Fries
Approximate Price For Two: ₹2,700 ++

9. SodaBottleOpenerWala, Multiple Locations

This restaurant is all about Iranian food and interiors. The decor and the vibe are extremely authentic. The food here is absolutely delish!

MM Recommends: Meaty Poro
Approximate Price For Two: ₹1,300 ++

10. POH- Progressive Oriental House, Lower Parel

This restaurant is one of the few that offer the degustation dining experience. They have multiple courses, each challenging and tantalising the senses. The service is amazing and so is the food. They’ve got a very interesting take on Asian dishes.

MM Recommends: Lobster Togarashi
Approximate Price For Two: ₹2,500 ++

It’s time to explore these innovative restaurants this season. Tell us your favourite in the comments below.

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