Many people think that being tall is a blessing. Sure, it has its benefits but just like all good things, it also has its drawbacks. Apart from the horrible back pains and constantly hitting your head on things, you often come across people who say the weirdest s**t. Here are 10 things that tall people are sick and tired of hearing!

1. How is the weather from up there?

Well, it seems cloudy with the chance of getting smacked in the face.

2. You must have played a lot of basketball, right?

Omg yes! That’s literally the only thing I do in life! How did you know?

3. Where do you find clothes that fit you?

The same place you do. Well, at least I don’t need to alter it just to get into it.

4. Hey, you’re tall! You can totally grab that from up there, right?

Wait! Am I tall? Literally had no idea! Also, that’s a definite no. Next time try saying please.

5. I feel really short next to you!

Oh, that’s a bummer! I’m just going to leave the room so that you feel comfortable enough.

6. You’re freakishly tall! Did you parents stretch you as a kid?

Well, the only thing freakish over here is your common sense. Might want to stretch that a bit, eh?

7. Your parents must be really tall, right?

Well, you might need a little lesson in mind your own business!

8. Do you date a lot of short people? Must be hard finding someone tall, right?

I’m sorry, I didn’t realise there was a height requirement for dating me. It’s good to know the basis of your selection.

9. Can you stand at the back?

I could. But I’d much rather stand here and block your view. First come first serve, right?

10. Man, your kids are going to be giants!

Well, at least I know they won’t be little trolls!

What would your comeback be if someone said any of these, to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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