Are you planning to watch a movie this weekend? It’s a great idea. Only some people in the theatre are super annoying. Whether they’re the kids on a massive sugar high or the person who talks the loudest in the theatre they all know how to interrupt your favourite scene. Here are some types of people you might come across at the theatre.

1. The Popcorn Lover

This person OD’s on popcorn. And heaves a trail of popcorn behind.

2. The One On The Phone

This one isn’t bothered by the fact that he’s disrupting everyone else’s movie experience. He constantly makes calls and talks loudly on the phone. He’s also the one who is constantly on his phone, texting.

3. The One With All The Spoilers

This person has either read about the movie or already seen it. He constantly whispers the spoilers to you, one scene at a time.

4. The One Who Asks A lot Of Questions

He’s always poking you and asking random questions about the movie because he’s too distracted and doesn’t follow. So annoying!

5. The Cheesy Couple

These guys are completely oblivious to the fact that they’re in a theatre full of people. They’re at it, and everyone around gets super uncomfortable. Somewhere in a corner, you may even spot an aunty covering her child’s eyes.

6. The Loud Chewer

This person has bought nachos and popcorn. God, talk about surround sound! It makes us feel like there’s a thunderstorm going on in his mouth.

7. The Loud Reactor

This one has a reaction to everything. And he’s anything but discreet. You can hear constant gasps from his side of the theatre.

8. The Interrupter

You’re sitting on the aisle seat. But the person sitting in the middle seat constantly wants to get up and go out. Whether it is to go to the restroom or get more popcorn. And this ironically happens only when you’ve just gotten comfortable.

9. Kids On A Sugar Rush

There are some kids in the theatre who’ve eaten a lot of candy and are now hopped up on sugar. They scream and shout so much, and mostly during an important scene.

10. The Seat-Kicker

Isn’t it annoying when the person who’s sitting right behind you kicks you constantly? We totally feel you. We hate this guy too.

If you’re heading out to watch a movie you’ve been waiting for, make sure to spot these people early so you’re prepared for what follows.

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