Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor
Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor

It was a fine Thursday evening when Anand Sonam Ahuja took to post what he thought would be the most normal picture of his lady love‘s shoe-clad feet. Even he may not have known that his wife would call him her favourite human in the whole world (Or maybe he did). But she did and it’s making the news. Again. But how could she not when her hubby put up the most poignant caption fitting to them and maybe even society in general? Through his caption, Anand talks about power play (possibly between a husband and wife) and how it should be destroyed altogether.

This is what he shared.

Does he win husband of the year or what? Actually, scratch that, human of the year we’d say!

And our most favourite comment ever.

Anand Ahuja
Sonam Kapoor’s comment | Source: Instagram @anandahuja

He even shared a picture of Sonam Kapoor waiting for her makeup while at Cannes.

Now this is truly everyday phenomenal

Stop it you two! We can’t handle so much love and perfection.