Myna Mahila is a Mumbai based NGO that was started by Suhani Jalota. The NGO was started with the goal to employ women from urban slums in the city to manufacture and sell affordable sanitary pads. These sanitary pads were sold back into their community and were aimed at improving menstrual hygiene, providing stable employment and most importantly, building a trusted network. It’s an NGO that empowers women to talk about issues they are most afraid of.

Back in 2017, Meghan Markle had come down to India. At the time, she visited many charities in Delhi and Mumbai and Myna Mahila happened to be one of them. At the time, they had no idea that she was so famous. She stayed in the hostel near the NGO and also visited every morning to see how they worked. The American actress has always been a spokesperson for women’s rights and has also known to be very vocal when it comes to issues like hygiene, rights and several other issues. It is that very nature that makes her relatable to women around the world.

Taking a bigger step forward, the NGO was also invited to attend the royal wedding. Suhani Jalota is already on her way to attend the wedding, accompanying her will be three other women, Imogen Mansfield, Deborah Das and Archana Ambre. There are seven charities that will be attending the wedding. While six of them are from the UK itself, Myna Mahila is the only one from India to make it onto that list.

Since it’s inception, Myna Mahila has impacted the lives of many women from the slums and has also helped educate them. Suhani Jalota deserves the recognition she’s getting and we’re proud of her and the countless other women who fight each day, to help women in need get their basic rights.

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