Urvashi Rautela Uses The Same Moisturiser That Many Makeup Artists Swear By

Natasha Patel
Urvashi Rautela for Beauty Diaries
Urvashi Rautela for Beauty Diaries

We caught up with Urvashi Rautela who gives us a glimpse into her glamorous everyday life, what she loves to eat, what her skincare routine is like and who she looks upto as a beauty icon!

What is a typical day in your life?

If it’s a work day I generally wake up at about 6 a.m. but my days off I get up a little later. For breakfast, I make French press coffee and eggs with avocado and spinach. By 7:30 am I’m usually at the gym—I workout with my trainer or do a pilates or an Equinox class. I love getting massages and talking walks on the beach, it can be very relaxing. For dinner, I love to eat home food by chef makes. I usually stick to lean proteins and lots of veggies! 

What is your day and night time skincare routine like?

I keep my beauty routine is pretty simple. I use the Embryolisse moisturiser. It goes under makeup really well, and you can even apply a thick layer which is more like a mask. A lot of makeup artists use it and swear by it too! At night I use Bioderma’s makeup remover, it’s really good because it’s not too oily. And then I go in with my Glossier face wash. I like using chemical peels in a jar for the backs of arms and thighs for deep exfoliation before a shoot.

Talk us through your everyday makeup routine.

Most days I’ll have on some concealer under my eyes, around my nose and then on any spot or any pimple that I might have. I’ll use a bronzer as a slight contour and also put it on my eyelids as a light, natural shadow. Then I fill my brows in with Boy Brow from Glossier—I always try to brush my eyebrows up and then fill them in. After that it’s mascara and maybe a little bit of a highlighter on my cupid’s bow.

If you had a makeup line, what would you name it?

Urvashians Cosmetics.

What’s your desert island must-have?

Bug spray and sunblock—Lots of sunblock!

What is a beauty trend you’d love to try out?

All kinds of masks!

Who are your 5 favorite people to follow on Instagram?

@missmalini, @learnfact, @calm, @zaynmalik and @martinscorsese_.

Who’s your beauty icon?

My mother, Meera Rautela. She’s everything and the absolute best!

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