A night of glitz, glam and powerful performances. That’s possibly the best way to summarise the events that unfolded at the Billboard Music Awards 2018. From the host, Kelly Clarkson, to the much-awaited performance of K-pop group BTS, here are some of the best moments from this years awards!

1. Kelly Clarkson’s Speech

The host for the night, Kelly Clarkson made a speech that moved everyone in the audience. Not only was it her speech but her entire opening act showed why she’s a force to be reckoned with.

2. Ariana Grande‘s Performance

Ariana had an outstanding performance tonight. It was absolutely flawless and it had people on their feet. This young entertainer set the entire mood for the rest of the night, with each other performance trying to raise the bar.

3. Dua Lipa Debut

The New Rules singer made her debut as this was the first time she performed at an American award show. While the performance was good, it didn’t have the same power as the others.

4. Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato

This was probably one of the greatest performances ever. Literally, the vocals were off the hook and the notes they hit shattered our imagination. #TotallyShook

5. Janet Jackson Is An Icon

If there was ever any doubt in anyone’s mind about Janet Jackson, it’s probably gone by now. Not only did she have the most mesmerising performance of the evening, her speech after winning the award was truly inspirational. Goes to prove that you should never count her out.

6. The Shade Thrown At The Grammy‘s

After the Grammy‘s a lot of people voiced their concerns and agitation due to the lack of female artists performing. The BBMA‘s definitely took note and proceed to throw major shade by having a majority of female artists perform.

7. You Can’t Take My Youth Away

Shawn Mendes and Khalid left many people emotional when they called out the Stoneman Douglas high school choir to join them, while performing his new song Youth. It was truly a brilliant performance and in the light of another school shooting, made perfect sense.

8. The Chainsmokers Honor Avicii

The Chainsmokers paid tribute and gave a beautiful honour to their fallen friend Avicii. They used their time to explain the importance of mental health.

9. The Snake Emojis

Taylor Swift hasn’t been to an award show in two years now. This marked her first appearance after all the drama went down. The internet being what it is was quick to throw up the snake emoji all over social media. Funnily enough, Taylor herself seemed to embrace it by wearing a cute little snake ring. Who’s laughing now?

10. Nick Jonas

Do we really need a reason to add him to any list? Thought so.

11. Rebel Wilson Snacking Away To Glory

Rebel Wilson truly is a class apart. While people were pouring their hearts out on stage and other people worried about their dresses, she had zero f**ks to give. She enjoyed her snacks!

12. Kelly Clarkson Performing

There are no doubts left in our minds about her ability to perform. Not only was she slaying the hosting game, she absolutely nailed it when it came time to perform her music. She literally did it all!

13. BTS Performance

BTS is one of the biggest and most famous K-pop bands in the world. When they announced that they would perform at the BBMA‘s fans from all over were beyond thrilled and boy, did they deliver! The energy they brought to the stage was electric and even though you didn’t know all the words, you couldn’t help but move to it.

14. Camila Cabello Is Life

The voice, the presence, the energy and just everything. She literally has it all! Her performance was by far one of the best of the night.

15. Salt N Pepa

Talk about throwing it back! This performance was the perfect way to take us back to the good times. It was old school but at the same time, hardcore!

What was your favourite moment from the Billboard Music Awards? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you missed it in the morning, you can watch the repeat telecast at 9:00 PM tonight, only on VH1!

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