Shilpa Shetty Kundra joined and almost certainly formed the present yummy mummy club 6 years ago and she took to Instagram to post about it with the most precious pictures of her boy, Viaan Kundra. She shared three pictures of her son, one immediately after his birth, one of him when he was a toddler and one of him with Shilpa cuddling in bed. It’s clear from her Instagram that the mommy-son duo shares a special bond.

Here’s Shilpa’s wish, that had all of us go aww.

Aww! That’s just so cute, isn’t it?

Viaan frequently appears with his mom on her Sunday binge videos too and it’s adorable.

And of course like the doting mother that she is, Shilpa always shares any of Viaan’s accomplishments.

A momma’s boy indeed, isn’t he?!

Happy Birthday, Viaan. Have a birthday as bright, adorable and full of life as you are!