10 Of The Best Feelings In The World That Are Relatable AF

Atmaj Vyas , 22 May 2018

Looking at the way life has become a hustle, it’s rare that we get to sit down and truly enjoy things. Sometimes, we tend to overlook things in the hurry and miss out on them. That being said, there are some feelings in the world that are just impossible to miss. We asked around MissMalini HQ and here are some of the best and most relatable feelings in the world.

1. Getting the last slice of pizza.

At some point or the other, everyone has been in that awkward situation where there are multiple people, but just one slice of pizza left. One of the best feelings in the world is when everyone is stuffed and that last slice goes unclaimed!

2. Taking your heels off after a really long day.

Wearing heels for the whole day is pretty tough and painful. After a long day of walking around in heels, there is nothing better than just kicking them off and being able to feel your feet again.

3. Finding out your crush likes you too.

We all have that one person we have a crazy crush on. We’re never really going to tell them about it. So we do the next best thing, telling our friends. What’s even better is when they end up telling you that your crush, likes you too!

4. Playing with a puppy.

Honestly, how can anyone not like playing with a puppy? That fuzzy little face and those adorable eyes! Playing with a puppy is probably one of the most calming and satisfying things in the world.

5. Peeing after drinking a lot of beer.

After one too many beers, there is nothing better than being able to let it all out. It’s also great because you finally have the place for more beer!

6. Finding money in your pockets.

When you’re broke, or even when you’re not, it’s always great to find money in your pockets! It literally feels like winning the lottery. Unexpected, but always welcome.

7. Waking up to get ready for work, only to realise it’s a holiday.

Getting up and getting ready for work almost feels like a habit now. Even though it pretty much comes naturally now, it’s still a dreaded task. So, you can imagine the relief you get when you realise it’s a holiday and you can actually go back to bed!

8. Getting a free upgrade.

Every now and then, life decides to surprise you and give you a free upgrade. Since it’s a rare thing, it’s a pretty good feeling. #MoreLegRoomPlease

9. Finding the perfect midnight snack in your fridge.

Hunger cravings are truly the worst thing ever. It disrupts your sleep and thought flow. When you get hungry in the middle of the night, there is nothing you want more than a delicious snack that can help you calm those cravings. When you find exactly what you’re looking for, there is no better feeling!

10. Taking off your bra.

It’s definitely the best feeling ever! It’s liberating, relaxing and also makes you feel like you can finally be free. Nothing says your day is over quite like being able to take off your bra.

What’s the one thing that you consider to the be the best feeling in the world? Let us know in the comments below.

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