9 Important Life Lessons You Learn The Older You Get

9 Important Life Lessons You Learn The Older You Get

Atmaj Vyas

When we were kids, all we ever wanted was to grow up. Now that we’re there, we wish nothing more than to take it all back. Being an adult isn’t as fun as we imagined it to be and it sometimes feels like an uphill battle. That being said, the one good thing that comes as you become older, is the lessons life teaches you. Sure it isn’t always pleasant, but these lessons are what define us and make us who we are. Here are a few important lessons we’ve learned so far!

1. Not every plan you make works out.

When we’re younger, we all have dreams and ambitions. We have a certain plan for ourselves and a certain path we want to take. Sometimes, plans have a way of going astray. In the hustle that is life, not everything can go as we planned it. Things and circumstances change and you learn to adapt and change course. Sure it’s frustrating but it’s also a lesson that teaches you the hard work that goes into achieving your dreams.

2. It’s important to love what you do.

Sure, you can chase fame, success and money, but if you don’t love what you do, it’s always going to show. If you’re unhappy with where you are and what you’re doing, change it. It might seem hard, but as time passes, you realise that there is nothing worse than being stuck, doing something you don’t love doing.

3. Being practical is essential.

Facing reality isn’t always the most ideal situation. However, you can’t escape it forever. Over time, you realise the value of being practical about things is a lot more beneficial. Whether it’s regarding the people in your life or the decisions you make, a practical approach usually seems to be the answer.

4. Taking better care of yourself becomes a higher priority.

As you get older, you start to realise how important it is to care your body. You realise the value of getting in your daily exercise and getting a good night sleep. That being said, it’s not like you become a slouch when it comes to partying all night, it’s just that the hangover probably takes 2 extra days to get over.

5. The people you surround yourself with matters a lot.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded, ambitious and genuine people because more important, the older you get. It can’t always be fun and games and that starts to reflect, in the company you decide to keep. You also start to realise that drama and BS isn’t your cup of tea and generally try to avoid such people. Being picky about people is just a part of the process.

6. You realise the value of saving money.

When you get older, you realise why your parents kept telling you to save money. It becomes essential to start planning ahead and a major contributing factor to those plans is saving money. Saving money is also essential because it helps you stay prepared for the unexpected.

7. Focusing on your career is essential.

You’re no longer a kid. What you want to do and how you go about doing it matters a lot more as you get older. You can’t keep hopping around and testing the waters anymore. Things start to feel a lot more permanent and your priorities change. It’s not that serious though! The older you get, the more “work hard and play harder”, starts to make sense.

8. Learning the art of letting go.

As you grow up, you start to realise that holding onto certain things is just a drain of energy. It’s a lot better to let go of something than letting it swallow up your time and thoughts. It may not always be the easiest thing to do and no matter how hardcore you think you are, it will always sting. Still, it starts becoming essential to do in order to move on in life.

9. You realise it’s advisable to not trust everyone.

Believe it or not, people aren’t always what they seem. Whether this is something you’ve noticed or something you’ve learned the hard way, you know that putting blind trust in someone isn’t advisable. You’re more aware of your surroundings and you know that sometimes, people come with agendas and a deceiving set of terms and conditions.

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