Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora | Source: Instagram @malaikaarora

Can we just take a moment (and a blog) to appreciate Malaika Arora‘s Instagram posts? The woman could be doing anything from eating an ice cream to chilling on her couch and still manages to make it look fly as hell. Her Instagram has been filled with stunning pictures of her from her recent trip to LA and we can’t stop looking.

Giving us some serious #TravelGoals and #FashionGoals combined, Malaika‘s trip looked like the perfect relaxing getaway that all of us need from our 9-5 rut.

This beauty has definitely put a seed of the LA dream in us.

Check it out.

Outdoor Gyms and the LA sunsets? We’d say yes to that!

How to click a great Instagram worthy picture? Find a graffiti wall and stick to it.

The weather report says pleasant. Not sure if LA is as hot as this picture though.

Some LA style sunbathing is what we all need. Great pictures in beautiful parks.

Such La la land feels!

Who wouldn’t want a picture in front of that OMG sign? Already thinking of at least 10 different poses in my head.

You’re welcome.

We’re looking at our holiday calendars so we can plan for our staycation! It’s all going to be chilling in parks and some shopping. Just the way they’re supposed to be!