Rejoice, the dark clouds are finally upon us! While we aren’t quite done with this outrageous summer heat, we can at least be glad that the monsoons are around the corner. Sure, the monsoon isn’t the most ideal season. However, it’s pretty hard to deny it is quite magical. Just because the rains are here, doesn’t mean you need to cancel your travel plans! In fact, the rains only make it all the more special. Here are 10 reasons that prove that.

1. It’s Super Economical

The monsoon seasons is considered an offseason. Basically, that implies that where ever you plan on travelling to, you’re going to end up getting really good rates. Whether you choose to do to the hills or to the beach, every place has amazing offers. This makes it the perfect season for an unplanned or unscheduled holiday. Make sure you check out all websites before booking anything because almost everything has special discounts.

2. It’s A Great Time To Go Soul Searching

Just the sheer beauty that the monsoon brings with it, is enough to make you want to plan a solo trip. It’s the perfect time to get away from the hustle of your daily life and just take a timeout. A lot of people believe that travelling in the monsoon is only for loners, which is far from the truth. It’s a tranquil time and is actually great because it helps you recharge. Hill stations are usually the place to head too.

3. You Get To Experience The True Beauty Of Nature

Ahh! The smell of wet earth! The rains truly bring about a sight we rarely get to see in today’s time. When the rain comes, all the dust and dirt gets washed away. The whole look and feel of a place can change. While some find it gloomy, others think it’s when nature truly shines. Honestly, just think about renting out a little cottage in the hills and you’re sitting there, with a cup of tea and some bhajjis, watching the rain as it falls. #Perfect

4. It’s The Perfect Time For A Romantic Getaway

The monsoon isn’t the perfect time for just solo trips! It’s also a great time for a romantic getaway. You can choose to surprise your significant other with an impromptu trip. Honestly, we can’t think of anything better than staying in, a long walk in the rain and lots of snuggles. It’s also a great way to spice things up or rekindle a fading flame.

5. It’s A Great Time To Go For A Trek

You’ll be surprised by the number of people actually prefer to go trekking in the rains. Sure, it’s a lot more challenging, but it also makes for a breathtaking adventure. The sights, sounds and even the smells captivate your senses and make you feel alive. That being said, it does get a lot more dangerous so we highly recommend you brush up on your safety tips.

6. You Get To See Waterfalls

No matter how old you get, waterfalls are always just as captivating. If you’re travelling or on a road trip, spotting a waterfall is like the best thing ever. Some places even have waterfalls you can go to and take a dip. It makes for great memories and also some pretty rad pictures.

7. It Allows You To Explore You Inner Child

The monsoon has a way of bringing out your inner child. From running and dancing in the rain to jumping into puddles (not advisable in Mumbai because of it’s likely you’ll fall in a ditch), everything about this season makes you want to embrace your inner child. When you travel in the monsoon, you get to explore a side of you that you thought didn’t exist anymore.

Are you planning on heading for a holiday in the monsoons? Let us know where you’re planning to go in the comments below.

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