We’ve seen Shahrukh Khan‘s princess Suhana Khan grow up in front of our eyes. Today she’s 18 years old and has officially become an adult. How time flies huh? She’s grown into a beautiful young woman and we’re hoping for her Bollywood debut in the coming years too! King Khan took to Instagram to share a picture of Suhana doing a split leap in the air with a caption that’s bound to resonate with dads all around.

Check it out.

Shahrukh has always shared a special bond with all his children and his Instagram is proof of that.

Yesterday, even Gauri Khan shared a picture of Suhana in preparation for her big day!

She looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?

While Suhana is still completing her studies in London, we can’t wait for this star kid to make her entry to Bollywood.

Happy Birthday, Suhana. Hope you have a year and a life as stunning as you are!