Relationships are just great, aren’t they? Of course, they are. We all want to feel loved and a lot of us are lucky to get it early in life while others struggle for a bit before they find their soulmate. This is dedicated to the latter. Here are a few things only a single girl would understand.

1. You Have High Standards

Your standards are high and you’re picky about who you want to invest your emotions and time in.

2. Anyone You Find Attractive Is Almost Always Taken

It’s unfortunate when that guy you find cute is already married or dating someone else.

3. Third-Wheeling Is A Habit

You don’t have an option but to tag along with a couple you’re close to. It sometimes makes you feel lonely, but you kinda do it anyway.

4. Binge-Eating While Watching Rom-Coms Is Routine

You watch a lot of movies like He’s Just Not That Into You and Love Actually that help you believe true love exists.

5. Romantic Songs Are The Only Songs On Your Playlist

You’re secretly a hopeless romantic and listen to cheesy love songs at your own time.

6. You Don’t Know Who To Dress Up For

You’re heading to the parlour, getting rid of all that body hair. When it suddenly dawns on you. Who exactly are you de-hairing yourself for?

7. Every Party And Wedding Is An Opportunity To Find ‘The One’

While it’s annoying to dress up for someone else’s wedding, depressing as it is, you only do it in the hopes of finding your soulmate.

8. Cheesy Couples Make You Wanna Throw Up

Couples holding hands and constantly being cheesy makes you want to physically barf in your mouth.

9. All Your Friends Ever Want To Do, Is Set You Up

Your friends are constantly thinking of ways to set you up with their other single friends or with a random person at a bar. Whether you like them or not, they won’t stop trying.

10. You’re Sick Of Hearing About People Getting Hitched

Everyone you have ever known is either getting married or having babies while your toughest decision right now is whether you want pepperoni or olives on your pizza. And according to you, that’s pretty darn serious.

11. You’re Sick Of People Asking You Why You’re Still Single

They ask you like something is wrong with you. With a disappointed yet pitiful head tilt, they wonder how a fantastic girl like you is single.

12. It’s Funny Seeing Couples Fight

Being single is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you thank your stars you’re not in a relationship when you see couples fighting like crazy.

13. Dating Apps Depress You Even More

You’ve overdone the dating apps. All of them. And now it depresses you because every time you log in, you have to have the same conversation with different men which makes you feel like a robot.

We’ve all been there so don’t worry. Enjoy this phase, and hang in there. The world is your oyster, and one day you’ll find that pearl you’ve been looking for. Okay, that’s too cheesy. Basically, just have fun being single.

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