Earlier this month, the trailer Race 3 kicked up a storm all over the internet and left us wanting more of the epic dialogues that we got a sneak peek of. Amidst all the killer action sequences and Salman Khan presence, was one such dialogue that the internet has been loving and it’s none other than Daisy Shah‘s, “Our business is our business, none of your business”.

While Daisy was on the receiving end of a lot of mockery for the dialogue, she brushed the haters aside when she joined in on the fun along with her co-star Jaqueline Fernandez. Even Salman added his own twist to it!

After trolls, celebrities, and content sharing platforms, now Mumbai Police have taken up the dialogue, tweaked it and put it to good use.

Check it out.

*Slow claps* for their amazing social media game.

Mumbai Police truly have the best reaction to literally everything and guess they just couldn’t sit this one out!