If you had a makeup line, what would you name it?

If I had a make up line it would probably focus on easy, everyday, on-the-go makeup. When I’m not working, I usually don’t use much make up at all. But if I’m stepping out, I would need just the right amount of concealer, highlighter, and maybe even a nude eyeshadow. Bare, dewy, no-makeup looks are sometimes the hardest to get right and that’s what my make up line would focus on. I love the name ‘BARE’ but there’s already a brand with a similar name, so I’m going to have to rethink!

What’s your desert island must-have?

Lip balm. I can’t live without it!

Your go-to beauty rule that you’ve learnt from your mom?

I sip on very diluted nimbu paani through the day with no added sugar or salt, of course. It’s something I learnt from my mother. Lime has many benefits—It’s good for the skin, good for digestion, good for your metabolism and so much more. I also find that drinking it after a meal helps curb my sweet cravings, which works perfectly for me as I just can’t resist dessert!

5 favourite people to follow on Instagram?

@priyankachopra, @sonamakapoor, @gigihadid, @blakelively and @kendalljenner.

What’s your day and night time skincare routine like?

Pretty simple, really. When I wake up in the morning I use a gentle face cleanser, followed by an under eye cream and lastly a moisturiser with SPF. That usually keeps me going through the day. Then at night I use makeup remover (if it’s a shoot day), followed by a thorougher cleanse and exfoliation of my face. I like to use a heavier under eye cream and moisturiser at night. Sometimes I swap the moisturiser for a facial oil if my skin feels extra dry.

What is a beauty trend you’d love to try out?

I’ve been seeing a lot of pastel eyeshadows on the runway for the summer, something I would love to try out!

What’s the beauty essential you can’t live without?

An eyelash curler. It is probably the most underrated beauty tool but one that can create the most dramatic effect on my eyes. That little lift of my corner lashes and some mascara is sometimes all I need before stepping out.

Your beauty mantra?

Keep it simple, yet interesting and on point!

Who’s your beauty icon?

Cara Delevingne… Those brows, girl!

What’s your favorite facial feature? And why?

My eyes! They’re the one feature I like to highlight the most. I personally think my eyes are the most expressive part of me and can bring my face to life with just the right amount of definition. I can never go wrong with a smokey eye!

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