With such a hectic lifestyle, so many people end up falling sick. But there are some people who fall sick all the time because their immunity is really low. It doesn’t matter what they do, or how their lifestyle is, they’re unwell no matter what. Those poor lads miss out on all the fun. Here are some things only a person who falls sick often can relate to.

1. Your Doctor Is Sick Of Seeing You

You visit the doctor’s office so much, that he’s now sick of seeing you. You probably see him more than your friends.

2. You’re Boss Barely Trusts Whether You’re Truly Unwell

You take so many sick leaves that now your boss doesn’t believe you’re seriously unwell.

3. You Miss Out On Most Parties Because You’re Unwell

Your friends are tired of hearing how unwell you are all the time, that they almost have stopped including you in plans because they already know your answer.

4. You Now Recommend Medicines To Others

You’re such a pro with meds because you’ve tried them all. You’re now somewhat of an expert.

5. You Can Barely Eat Out

You’re always scared of eating out. You never know what triggers your body to go through that ordeal all over again.

6. You’re More Nervous Than Excited When You Plan Trips

While most people are excited to plan getaways, you’re nervous about it. It’s only because you’re worried you might fall sick there and ruin your trip.

7. Most Of Your Money Goes Into The Doctor’s Fee

Other people spend money on shopping, eating out or drinking. But not you. You spend most of your money on your real friend, the doctor.

It’s exhausting to be unwell all the time. And we know what it’s like to be under the weather often. But hang in there with the hopes that someday you’ll earn your immunity back!

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