"Urban Women Are Sexually Active" - Sonam Kapoor On Veere Di Wedding

Shravan Shah , 25 May 2018

Ever since the trailer of Veere Di Wedding released, we knew that this one will be setting a trend. While many have been calling the film a chick flick, the cast has clarified time and again that this one is #notachickflick. While many appreciated the trailer and gave it a thumbs up, others accused the lead cast Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Swara Bhasker and Shika Talsania of ‘reducing the meaning of women empowerment by behaving like men’.

The ladies were recently present for an interview with film critic Anupama Chopra where they answered all the questions netizens had.

Talking about the wrong perspective people have, Sonam said,

I don’t think this question would be posed to men that you are drinking, smoking and abusing or sexually active, does this make you less of a man?

Agreeing with Sonam’s views, Swara said,

Just because people saw four girls who are in a certain urban setting being realistic to what young urban working women, what their lifestyle is… a lot of us who come from this background, we do curse, we do drink..

Sonam added,

And we are sexually active. We are not sitting waiting till we get married.

Swara also had a genuine question.

Just because we are showing that on screen why is that becoming an issue? When we allow our male characters to be as close to reality as possible, why can’t we let our women have that?

We are glad that our ladies have finally spoken!

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