It’s safe to say that the days of the small, cramped cubicles are nearly gone. In the past, workers droned over their assigned tasks for nine hours a day and struggled to keep up with everything around them. The change first started coming about when growing tech companies found that providing a more open environment helped its employees stay focused. The added interactions made the workplace a lot smoother to operate. Here is why the open office format works so brilliantly.

1. Boosts Productivity

A business works with a simple rule, the more standard and repeated the hours, the likely it is for the business to be successful. However, over time that rule started to become a little too outdated. Studies actually show that it actually reduced productivity. A modern office differs from the traditional setting. It isn’t just limited to a four-wall office with a door. It makes it possible to work in the office as well as home. The fact that you get to work and communicate freely with others can actually spur additional productivity and also help you network.

2. Employee Satisfaction

More and more organisations have realised that the best way for them to succeed is by keeping their employees happy. A happy employee will continue to come in for work and always put their best foot forward. With everything that a modern office offers and more relaxed rules and regulations, an employee is less likely to want to switch their job. People tend to notice when the employees are happy and this, in turn, creates a good name and work environment for an organisation.

3. Allows For Innovation And Reinvention

The right work environment can drastically affect the way a business functions. The modern office is different from the design of years passed. With the ability to boost productivity, improve morale and increase the quality of life, a modern office can reinvent your business. Considering how quickly things can shift in the business world, having an office and employees who can change as per the needs is essential.

4. Communication

Back in the cubicle days, it was pretty tough to communicate with someone unless they were seated right next to you. With open offices, the whole process of communication gets simplified as it literally takes the barrier out. It is at times scary for new employees as it can feel like they’ve been thrown into the deep end immediately. That being said, it also allows them to familiarise themselves with everyone and understand a lot about how the organisation works. It allows them to break out of their shell quicker.

5. Eliminates The Stress Factor

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the stress factor of a job, an open office does have a rather creative solution. Many organisations have come up with unique approaches to help motivate and lighten the load on employees. Planned activities, movie nights, parties, etc. are just some of the things that a modern office implements. A modern office takes all the rules and bends them to fit perfectly with current times, which in turn, helps them create an environment that thrives.

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