One of the best feelings in the world is finding your soulmate. And another great feeling is spending time with them. While being single has its own charm, dating someone you love is another feeling altogether. After the end of a rough day, meeting your partner and just talking makes the biggest difference in the world. Here are a few things only a couple in a serious relationship will be able to relate to.

1. Where And What To Eat Is The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge in every relationship is where to eat the next meal. Which restaurant to hit up for dinner or lunch. It’s quite a head-scratcher.

2. You Both Are Comfortable Enough To Discuss Poo

You discuss the texture, colour and state of your morning poo. Only a few comfortable couples can do that.

3. Random Compliments Make Your Day

You randomly text each other or compliment each other when the other one least expects it. That totally makes your day.

4. You’re A Team

You’re on the same side. You both are all you will ever need and are like a force together.

5. You’re Like A Shield For The Other Person

If anyone tries to hit on you, your partner will not let them go easy. They will rip that person’s eyes out.

6. Funny Nicknames

Both of you keep funny nicknames for each other that no one else will ever understand. Some may be cheesy, and the others totally random and non-relatable for anyone else.

7. You Can Be Your Ugliest Self Around Each Other

You both are now so comfortable with each other that you can be in the most undesirable form and your partner will still not treat you any different.

8. Dirty Inside Jokes

Both of you talk dirty to each other without a third person finding out. It’s done in a very smooth way and both of you understand what the other one wants to say. Others think you both are crazy at this point.

9. You Start Talking Like Each Other

You pick on each other’s phrases and mannerisms. It’s really cute and like they say, couples who live together start to look alike.

10. You Can’t Stay Mad At Each Other For Long

You both fight a lot and most of them are legit. But whatever the deal is, you both can’t stay away from each other for long and either one of you takes the first step to make things okay.

If you’re in a serious relationship, you may be able to relate to quite a few of these points. Tell us about your relationships in the comments below.

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