In India alone, it is estimated that about 165 million cups of tea are had on a daily basis. Everyone knows that there is no better feeling than a hot cup of tea. Some of the best moments in life happen over a cup of tea. It also has the ability to turn almost any frown upside down and completely change your mood. It’s the most important part of your day and you wouldn’t give it up, no matter what. Here are a few things that every chai addict can relate to.

1. Your day must start and end with a cup.

You can’t function without your morning cup of tea and god forbid someone tries to have a conversation before you have. The same way, your day just feels incomplete if it doesn’t end with a nice hot cup of tea.

2. There’s no such thing as a bad time for a cup of tea.

When it comes to tea, every single moment is the perfect moment for a cup. Whether you’re stressed, busy or in a bad mood, tea solves everything.

3. You can never refuse tea.

If anyone asks you if you have time for a cup of tea, even if you don’t, the answer is always yes. It’s literally impossible to say no!

4. Tea is always the solution.

No matter the problem, there isn’t a single thing that a good cup of chai can’t solve. If you’re sick or have a bad throat, a little ginger and you’ve got the best medicine.

5. You can’t comprehend how it’s possible for people to not like tea.

Just the thought that someone doesn’t like tea is enough to drive you up a wall. You feel like you need to defend your tea values with all your strength!

6. You lose your s**t if it isn’t made well.

You know how to make the perfect cup of tea. When it isn’t up to the mark, it’s literally the most annoying thing. You hate that tea is going to waste. Just so that it doesn’t get thrown away, you gulp down the sub-standard tea.

7. Anybody who makes a good cup of tea is an instant BFF.

People who know their tea well and can make a perfect cuppa are the best. You feel an instant chai-connection kinda thing with them. Honestly, some of the best conversations happen over a cup of tea.

8. Wasting tea is the biggest sin.

If you have to waste your tea or can’t finish it, you feel like the world around you is collapsing. It’s the worst feeling ever and you can’t stop feeling guilty about it.

9. Everyone judges you because of how much tea you drink.

People keep telling you that drinking too much tea isn’t good for you. You, however, can’t be bothered in the slightest. No one can take your one true love away from you.

10. If someone spills your tea, all hell will break loose.

Nothing takes you from zero to hundred faster than someone spilling your tea. Every cup is important and the fact that someone could be so careless is baffling to you.

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