We’ve already established the fact that Mumbai has so much to offer. Whether it’s theatres, sightseeing or family outings, the city has it all. Each and every area in Mumbai has so much to offer. Areas like Chembur, Andheri or South-Mumbai have so much to do and so many places to visit. Today, we’ve got you a list of restaurants and cafes in Bandra that explain why everyone from all over the city likes to hang out here and people who stay in Bandra don’t like to leave the area. Here’s the list.

1. Quarter Canteen, Linking Road

Famous For: Affordable Alcohol & Food
MM Recommends: Sassy Santra
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,200 ++

2. Kofuku, Linking Road

Famous For: Japanese Cuisine
MM Recommends: Sake Nigiri
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹2,300 ++

3. House Of Mandarin, Hill Road

Famous For: Asian Cuisine
MM Recommends: Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹2,100 ++

4. The Bandra Project by PizzaExpress, Pali Hill

Famous For: Pizzas
MM Recommends: Shea‘s Favourite Cheesecake
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,600 ++

5. Bastian, Linking Road

Famous For: Seafood
MM Recommends: Filet Of Snapper
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹2,500 ++

6. Candies, Multiple Outlets

Famous For: Quick & Yummy Snacks
MM Recommends: Cold Coffee
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹700 ++

7. Taj Mahal Tea House, Reclamation

Famous For: Different Types Of Teas
MM Recommends: High Tea Platter
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,000 ++

8. Birdsong – The Organic Cafe, Hill Road

Famous For: Organic Food
MM Recommends: Chicken In Honey Mustard Sauce
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,400 ++

9. Elco, Hill Road

Famous For: Chaat
MM Recommends: Pani Puri
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹450 ++

10. The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Linking Road

Famous For: Good Music & Vibe
MM Recommends: Champagne Mushroom Fricassee
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹2,000 ++

11. Sigdi, Linking Road

Famous For: Late Night Munching
MM Recommends: Butter Chicken Roll
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹650 ++

There are so many reasons to visit in Bandra if you haven’t been to these places already. If you live here, you’ve probably hit these places up. And if you haven’t, it’s time you give these a try. Tell us your favourite hangout in the comments below.

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