Are you snappy, grumpy and could eat an entire cake in one sitting? If yes, chances are, you’re either on your way or on your period already. We know how that feels. We go through it every month and yet, we can’t get ourselves used to it. Here are a few things only someone on their period will relate to.

1. Those Pesky Zits

A few days before you get your period, you’d break out with these annoying zits popping in strange parts of your face. Forget going on that first date.

2. The Do-Not-Come-Close-To-Me Phase

Anything or anyone coming in your way will be crushed. All you want to do is lie down and chug milkshakes and gobble ice creams all by yourself.

3. From Bawling Like A Baby To Laughing Like A Maniac In Seconds

Those mood swings are insane, aren’t they? You’ll break out into a laugh not knowing why, and might cry at something as random as a dropping a spoon in the kitchen.

4. Comfort? What’s That?

These few days feel like decades because of the constant absence of comfort. Especially when you’re trying to sleep at night, you shift from side-to-side trying to fix a position.

5. Pain Level: Giving Birth To An Alien

Argh! The pain is excruciating. Hot water bags, pills or alcohol, no matter what it is, that pain just won’t leave.

6. The Unprecedented Eruption

The biggest struggle sometimes is when you’re out and standing for a while, there will be a sudden flood down there and you need to quickly rush to the nearest washroom to adjust yourself. You can’t deal with this in public so you end up cancelling plans.

7. #OOTDs Include Sweat Pants And Long Tees

Forget fashionable outfits. The maximum we’d dress up is black denims with a loose tee. We’d much rather get out in our PJs.

8. Killing The Underestimaters Is The Mission

Don’t you just hate it when people pass remarks like ‘Oh, it can’t be that bad! You’re probably overreacting’. These people are the worst.

9. Living In Constant Fear

Will this leave a stain? That’s the constant fear we live it. You never know what position of sitting might trigger it.

10. Chocolate For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Waffles, cakes and cupcakes with chocolate, please. All you want to do is drown your face in a bowl of chocolate all day, every day.

Know the feeling? Isn’t it a lot more painful and uncomfortable than it looks to others? We totally feel you, but before you know it, those days will be over and you’ll be back to your jumpy, happy self in no time.

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