It’s safe to say that some of the biggest breakthroughs in history have been because of scientific studies. The brilliant minds behind them are just as important. They are people who decided to push the envelope and break past the constraints of knowledge. That being said, science can be a little weird at times and the studies behind it, a whole lot weirder. These are some of the strangest scientific studies ever conducted that’ll make your head tilt with confusion.

1. The Definition Of Cool

So, in early 2000, there was an argument over whether the actor Steve Buscemi was actually cool or not. This prompted researchers Ilan Dar-Nimrod and Ian Hansen to research what characteristics make a person cool. Out of the 353 college students they surveyed, they determined that qualities like being good-looking, friendly and successful were considered cool. Also, if you have your own HBO show, you’re cool. Well, that’s called groundbreaking research.

2. That’s Sheepy

The Babraham Institute conducted a scientific study to determine whether sheep were capable of recognising the faces of other sheep. The study concluded in 2001 and the researchers discovered that sheep could recognise the faces of about fifty sheep, 80% of the time. They also remembered them for over two years. Not sure the reason behind the study but we’re sure it’s better than any of us.

3. Spiderman Gone Wrong

Would you allow yourself to be bitten by a black widow spider for scientific reasons? No, right? Well, back in 1930, Dr. Allan Walker Blair allowed one to bite him so that he could document his experience with the bite. Unsurprisingly, he discovered that it caused excruciating pain. He lived through the whole ordeal but eventually died of a cardiac arrest a decade later. Note to self, don’t be stupid, stupid!

4. Chickens Are Vain

A 2004 paper that was published out of the Zoology Institution of Stockholm University, made the revelation that chickens actually prefer beautiful humans. Funny enough, that was also the title of the paper. Chickens tend to peck at faces that humans also prefer and consider beautiful. Fun fact, this study was done in Sweden and Swedish people are known to be some of the most beautiful.

5. Penguins Projectile Poop

Who hasn’t wondered about penguins and their poop, right? In 2003 the journal of Polar Biology published a study on the trajectory of penguins projectile poop. Sounds like a tongue twister right? The study showed that they poop this way because of the gastrointestinal pressure and also that it can land about 40 cm away from them.

6. Under The Influence

In 2013, a group of researchers joined forces and proved what everyone always thought (knew) was true. They found that higher the blood alcohol content of a person, the higher they rated themselves and others on attractiveness. Honestly, ask anyone who’s woken up thinking WTF did I just do and they could tell you that. #YKWIM

7. Picasso Pigeons

In 2010, a researcher managed to prove that pigeons weren’t just dumb annoying birds that pooped on everything. They can actually tell the difference between good and bad paintings that were made by children. The pigeons were positively reinforced when they pecked at good paintings and after a while, they were able to determine which ones were good. They could also observe colour and pattern cues in paintings they’d never seen before. #MindBlown

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