How Social Media Uncovered Dior's Plagiarism Debacle

Rashmi Bhosale , 30 May 2018

I'd like to set an example here – so these mega brands with mega budgets think twice before plagiarising the work of…

Posted by Orijit Sen onMonday, January 22, 2018

We were quite shocked when the news of People Tree, a New Delhi-based design studio accusing luxury brand Dior of plagiarism surfaced. Creative fields, especially fashion, has always faced the burns of plagiarism. But when an acclaimed brand like Christian Dior, which is known for some of the most groundbreaking designs, is accused of stealing one—It brings such acts in the limelight for all to see. In an update to this debacle, co-founder of People TreeOrijit Sen, posted about an out-of-court amicable settlement of the dispute with the brand on Facebook, but later took down the post.

There's nothing quite as wonderful as a tribute from a friend and fellow artist. Thank you and much love Allen Shaw for…

Posted by Orijit Sen onMonday, May 28, 2018

In the post, he did talk about renovating an old Goan house to build a properly equipped studio. But the sign-off to the post was about how social media was the key instigator of it all. He even ended with a remark saying, ‘Social Media Zindabad‘. It does make us understand how vital social media platforms have become which in turn creates less room for copycats to escape now. Thanks to pages like Diet Prada and it’s Indian version, Diet Sabya, the calling out of such accused has become more blatant.

Hey mega brand Dior are you really that bereft of ideas that you need to steal print designs from independent designers,…

Posted by Orijit Sen onMonday, January 22, 2018

It might have started with just an Instagram story post, but the story gained momentum as Sonam Kapoor‘s editorial picture and the original print’s collage circulated through different social media platforms. Even online and print media, natively and internationally, covered the story.

Hey Unchristian Dior your thievery is being discussed in languages across the world – From Bahasa Indonesia to Italian to Hindi. Better say something now. Everyone's waiting to hear from you!

Posted by Orijit Sen onThursday, February 1, 2018

Orijit Sen kept up his conquest of justice with constant updates on Facebook. Even the online community contributed towards it, making it a campaign on its own. Therefore, leading it to its fruitful conclusion.

My friend Laura Byspalko just shared this post from Christian Dior's Instagram account, showing Jennifer Lawrence…

Posted by Orijit Sen onThursday, February 15, 2018

Though the settlement is a big win, we all know there is a long way to go. Is calling out the only solution or can the problem be curbed at its root? There are still many questions that remain unanswered, but with social media on board, the fight must go on.

Social Media Zindabad, indeed.

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