The only people who will always be there for you is family, isn’t it? Whether it is protecting you, guiding you or just someone you can vent to, these guys will always be there. Your parents are basically your guardians. But hey, how can you forget your siblings? They’re the ones you actually learn from and spend most of your time with. But if you’ve been bullied, experimented on and lost all wars too, then you’re probably the younger sibling. You may have gone through a lot of this stuff while growing up. Here are a few such things that you’d probably relate to if you’re the younger sibling.

1. You’re Used To The ‘You Are Adopted’ Joke

All the younger ones are used to this joke. It was first told to us at the age of 3 and will go on till we’re 63.

2. The Hand-Me-Down Closet

We rarely bought new clothes because mom has been saving our older sibling’s old clothes that would now fit us. So why waste money?

3. Older Siblings Set The Path

Lucky for us, our older siblings have taken up all the beatings, yelling and confrontations that have made it easy for us to know what we don’t have to do.

4. You Don’t Have Enough Memories Saved By Your Parents

You barely have any photographs as a baby and probably don’t have your ‘first steps’ recorded. That’s because your parents have used up all their excitement on your older sibling. So now they’ve gotten over it.

5. You’ll Always Be The Kid Of The Family

No matter how mature you grow up to be, you’ll always be the youngest in the family. Which means you’ll not be taken that seriously.

6. You Were Always The Guinea Pig

You were experimented on by your older sibling always. Whether it’s dressing you up, feeding you strange things or even teaching you strange dance routines, they’ve made you try it all.

7. You Were Bullied All The Time

Your older sibling played strange and embarrassing pranks on you and basically never listened to you. Their word was the last one.

8. You’re Treated Like An Outsider By Your Older Sibling In Front Of Their Friends

If you shared the room with your older sibling, it’s possible that you may have been kicked out of your own room when their friends would come over to hang out.

9. You Always Lost The ‘Remote Control’ Battle

You want to watch cartoons, but your sibling wants to watch cheesy and partly adult TV shows that you don’t even get. It doesn’t matter because they’ll always have their way. If you do manage to win once in 18 years, they’ll cover the sensor of the TV so you don’t get to watch your favourite shows or movies.

10. You Could Get Away With Anything

The only advantage of being the younger sibling is you can use the ‘*older sibling* made me do it’ card. And your parents will always let you go based on how young and naive you are. They don’t really know what goes on behind that innocent facade.

Even though you’re older sibling bullied you, fought with you and basically thought of you as their personal guinea pig, just know that they love you and they’d do anything for you. In fact, they’ll always have your back and love you to bits.

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