Maroon 5 has roped in Cardi B to collaborate on their single, Girls Like You from the recent album Red Pill Blues. Yesterday, Maroon 5 had tweeted conforming the news of Cardi being a part of it.

The original version of the song has good beats and a nice tune to it but Cardi B’s rap and bold personality takes it up a couple of notches, fo sho. Apart from this, the video also includes cameos of celebrities like Camila Cabello, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez, Gal Gadot, Millie BobbyBrown and our favourite Superwoman aka Lilly Singh among others, all standing behind Adam Levine while he sings and his bandmates play the instruments surrounding all of them. The whole arrangement looks quite cool and all the beautiful women make the video so lively, making it a must watch!

This is an interesting collaboration and we would love to see more from the duo in the future.

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