Around 11 weeks ago, round two of #RootsPremierLeague began with the kind of excitement and fervour that is not usually reserved for a sport like football in India, and even less amateur football. But the football fever in Mumbai was palpable. And this is because of the efforts of co-founders Harpreet Baweja and Santino Morea along with their team at Roots Premier League.

The idea was simple: to find a way to get people who love to play football together so as to create an environment that would encourage the sport through straight-up participation. What’s more, they decided to take it a step further and start a Women’s League, with 8 teams consisting of 9 women each and owned by women who stand for the love of the sport. And unsurprisingly, the women’s league has now become a beacon of #GirlPower! Watch the video we made to show the camaraderie, competitiveness and co-operation displayed by these fantastic women and try and tell us you don’t want to join next season! We dare you!

Season 3 of the Roots Premier League will also have an edition in the capital city, New Delhi! So, stay tuned for more updates.

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