It’s Official, The Shooting For Top Gun 2 Has Begun

It’s Official, The Shooting For Top Gun 2 Has Begun

Atmaj Vyas

For a while now there were a lot of speculations as to when the shooting for the highly anticipated, Top Gun sequel would begin. Yesterday, Tom Cruise who is heralding the project along with Paramount, put out the first official image. Cruise tweeted an image which featured his character, Pete Maverick Mitchell, looking at a fighter jet down the tarmac.

The teaser image that Cruise posted for the sequel Top Gun: Maverick and also posted on his Instagram page featured the legendary Feel the need quote which was accompanied with the hashtag #Day1. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a reference to the first film where he said;

I feel the need – the need for speed.

While many outlets have reported that the filming has actually started, the plot of the movie has been kept under wraps. It was previously reported that Cruise’s character would now be a flight instructor and the film would explore a world of drone technology, fifth-generation fighters and the end of the era of dog-fighting. Joseph Kosinski, who is directing the sequel told in October that his approach would be appropriate for the times we live in.

Kosinski, who previously worked with Cruise on the 2013 movie, Oblivion said;

The navy is very different now than it was in 1986, It’s just a different world now, so you can’t remake the first movie. It has to adapt, [but] I certainly want to re-create the experience of that movie, which gives you a front seat into the world of naval aviation and what it’s like to be in a fighter jet.

Back in 1986, when the first Top Gun released, it shattered records and has also gone on to be included in the National Film Registry as it was culturally, historically and aesthetically significant. The new movie which is scheduled to release sometime next year will have a lot to live up to. But, if there is something we know about Tom Cruise, it’s that he never disappoints when it comes to action!

What was your favourite moment from Top Gun and do you think the sequel will live up to expectations? Let us know in the comments below.

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